Cieling / Wall mounted

Compact Cassette

Cassette - Highly efficient and very Discreet
One or four way: a cassette needs to deliver a flow of air to where it's needed most without making the end-user feel uncomfortable or detracting from the surrounding décor. Our range of cassettes achieves both through not only being as inconspicuous as possible when in position, but also through a number of features that ensure that the desired temperature is achieved efficiently and effectively.
Art Cool - Works on so many different levels
Traditionally, air conditioning indoor units have been prime examples of function winning over form - but now that tradition has been broken. Ultra-slim, uncluttered and minimalist Art Cool transforms air conditioning indoor units from being simply a means to end to become an object of desire - even when it's not operating, people notice it. It's the only air conditioning unit that's as easy on the eye as it is good at its job.
Ducted - Benefits that are far from hidden
High or low static, the key to a successful ducted indoor air conditioning unit is that it operates reliably, effectively, economically, and, from an end user's point of view, quietly. For the contractor working in confined spaces, flexibility of associated ductwork, ease of installation and servicing rank highly. Our range of ducted units has the features to satisfy everybody.

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